CASIO retreats from digital camera

I was not so surprised but felt sorry that CASIO declared to retreat digital camera manufacturing for consumers.

In the early days of digital camera, CASIO QV-10 was the most famous product in the world. It mesmerized us to record digital photos with its LCD display on the body of the camera.
In 1996 when I was in high school, my parents gave me QV-30 which was their second product.
I remember about it quite well feeling excited and finding its big potential in spite of its low resolution(640x480px).
I brought it everywhere and shot a lot of scenes.
I remember designing something like a flyer using these photos by ClarisWorks!
(I didn’t have Adobe photoshop and Illustrator back then.)
Nowadays, many people use smartphones instead of cameras to take pictures.
However, CASIO’s camera made a big contribution for taking photos easily in our daily lives.

Visiting Dortmund

Unbelievably I won a BVB VIP ticket in a competition sponsored by the credit card company that I use.
So I had the opportunity to visit Dortmund again during the G.W..
This time I used Airbnb for the first time and I booked a nice house located around Phoenix-see.
The ticket was a seat in the north stand including all-you-can-eat and drink.
And the match was the last home game for Weidenfeller who dedicated his career for BVB more than 15 years as a goal keeper.
Though BVB lost against Mainz, I enjoyed a lot.
In addition, I joined a stadium tour the day before the match.
The tour allowed us to see the dressing room, the player’s bench, the corridor for the pitch and the south stand!
I had a great experience and was very satisfied.

Launched my site!

I finally moved my butt and developed my portfolio site.

It was a long way to come.

This site is composed by Craft CMS.

I always use Wordpress when it needs CMS but this time I wanted to try a new environment.

As a result of my research, I decided to choose Craft CMS since I saw good reputations.

First, I had a difficult time using it, but I gradually understood its features.

Anyway, I am happy to finish developing and to show past projects that I have joined as a designer/programmer.